Become an Installer

24 Hour Glass is looking for qualified installers with registered businesses accross South Africa to partner with us for Installations.

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Installer Registration

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How does it work

When 24 Hour Glass receives as request for Installation, we’ll email you Job Description with the Address, Date and Time for Installation.

Will 24 Hour Glass supply the Material?

No, part of the Installer Agreement is for the Installer to supply the Glass and Fitment. We have preferred suppliers around SA that we will share with your upon your successful registration

Is there any cost to Register?

No cost, Registration is free. 

Will the client contact me Directly?

No, the client contacts 24 Hour Glass Head Office in Durban, we will supply the client with the quote, estimated turnaround times and installation date. We’ll contact you with all the information.

What do I need to qualify as an Installer?

You will need to have a registered company is South Africa with proven work record. Testimonials from clients will be a benefit to your application.

How many Installers do you have per area?

We have 1 Installer for each Suburb, depending on the area coverage. For example there will be 1 Installer for Randburg and another for Fourways. If the area grows, we may include a second installer.

Can I apply for a Franchise to take over an area?

At this stage of our growth plan we are not franchising, however once we have secured all main areas in South Africa, a franchise oppertunity will be proposed to the area Installer first before advertised.